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Hello world!

January 5, 2010

This blog is primarily self-referential.  It may or may not contain: aimless musings on such riveting topics as cross my scattered brain at any given moment, or links to whatever catches my fancy as I meander across the web, or verbatim copies of my posts on other sites, or over the top ranting on the latest indignity inflicted on me or the world (other than my own posts).  The blog title has multiple meanings to me and there will likely be a post on that at some point. 

All in all, the only thing likely to be consistent across all my posts is: they will be: “Not of General Interest” which is one of half-a-dozen blog names I considered prior to this one but found to already have been taken.

Thanks, and if you made it here somehow, it was probably a mistake.  You are welcome, but don’t expect me to leave the light on.