Tanta Vive!

I miss Tanta so. We need her policy comments on banking reform and mortgage relief now more than ever.

From benamery21 at Calculated Risk (http://www.calculatedriskblog.com/) back in Dec 2008:

The last time I cried for someone I’d never met in person was when Molly Ivins died. Good company, that.

I never met Tanta, and am yet another (non-)random stranger she enlightened, instructed, and entertained, as we interacted assymetrically on this strange thing we call an internet.

To the extent that we are our ideas, I knew Tanta, as did you all. We knew, not her face, nor even the whole shape of her mind, but her mind in profile. She is beautiful. Her passing is not yet real. A light–of reason, and truth, and justice, and humor–has gone out of the world. Yet something so vibrant cannot simply be extinguished. She glows yet, reflected in the mind’s eye of a thousand strangers who say, each and all, “I knew her. She was my friend. She was beautiful. I loved her.”


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