Three Nifty Solar Electric Projects

I’m proud as punch–My Dad’s tiny electrical contracting outfit (Pedersen Electrical Maintenance) has completed 3 unique photovoltaic projects — our first ever–since the 1st of the year.  I’m pleased to note that our entry to this field was at my instigation!

Project #1 : 120kw DC with 100KW inverter on a small industrial building with a 600A 120/208V service entrance.

What makes the project unique?  Combining 22 separate 100A services in a single new 600A panel, with an integrated 400A lockable, visibly open disconnect switch and PV output metering in the new 3-section main panel.  Mechanical reinforcement of the building structure to accomodate the increased roof loading.  One year project payback to customer.  Fat check for Dad … and an opportunity to learn something new.

Project #2

14kw Residential PV. 

 What makes this project unique?  PV and solar themal at the same time.  Installation on house with tile roof.   Installation in house with steel framing.  Installation actually reduces roof loading by removing tile, installing asphalt shingles (underlay already needed redone), installing PV and solar thermal, and restoring tile on all portions of roof without panels.  This also reduces panel profile (roof is pitched perfectly for panel installation flush on south face).  Battery backup system included, Automatic transfer switch and emergency gas genset included (Sunny Boy inverters and Sunny Island system were used to incorporate these features).  This is a gee-wow project, not an investment.

Project #3

Residential 6kw PV

House already had solar thermal (since the 70’s).  Roof layout creates potential mismatched array (small south facing roof, large west facing roof on front of house).  Mismatched panels used.  Design used 29 (200W) microinverters…one for each panel, to allow each panel to operate at MPP, despite mismatches.  One year project payback with incentives.


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