We get healthcare — assuming the President signs (snicker)

Hooka! Hooka!

NOW JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!  Oh, and universal voter registration would be nice.  I think a little government “healthcare bill education” would go over pretty well too.  How about citizenship processing fee waivers (stimulus, you know)?  Oh, and let’s purge the voter rolls of names on possible terrorist lists (after populating them with KKK and Bircher and Tea party and militia names).  Free college tuition for disadvantaged minorities and single mothers.  After all, we wouldn’t want them to end up on (gasp) welfare.  Start drafting corporations for the war effort (after all, those free speech rights can’t come without responsibilities).  I’d gladly trade unfettered free speech by Halliburton for free contracting services.  heh-heh.


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